“Josh was our day of coordinator and he was absolutely incredible! I met with him only a hand full of times prior to the wedding to review details and he immediately had it all down and then was always 10 steps ahead. If anything went wrong, I had no idea because he was so on top of it. He allowed not only my husband and I to not have a worry in the world on our wedding day but also our families and friends so everyone could enjoy the day and take in every moment! I highly recommend Josh and Weddings from the Hart, even if all you need is day of coordination, you won’t regret your decision!!”

-Amanda Darding (2018 bride)

“We had several guests even mention to us how organized and involved Josh was in our wedding and reception. As the Mother of the Bride he was always 1 step ahead of me so I could enjoy our day and not have to think about a thing. It was absolutely money well spent so our entire family could enjoy our guests and reception. Josh did an amazing job and we are so very grateful!”

-Sandy Kaplan (2018 mother of the bride)

“Josh, you gave us a wedding day we couldn’t have planned ourselves. Stress free, perfectly planned, and plenty of TLC touches.”

-Ryan Marshall (2018 groom)

“Josh made sure to make my wife and my big day go PERFECTLY. He knew so much about weddings and how to help out. His creativity is amazing and top notch. He will make sure that your big day goes as planned. He saved us many headaches and many hours in getting the right parts moving in our wedding. He was not only our wedding planner. He was our wedding planner, our design, our decor setter upper, our list maker, our biggest supporter, our boss on the big day, but than all that…he has become our friend. We will forever be grateful for what he did for us and how he made everything go perfectly. He would get a 1,000,000,000,00 rating if I could do that!”

-Dustin Reuter (2017 groom)

“Overall, Josh did an outstanding job with planning our wedding. Everything is extremely detailed and put together within the event plan – and he’s willing to meet with you as many times as it takes to make sure all the planning details are on point! He always made himself very accessible whether via text, e-mail, a phone call. And on the actual event day he was an INCREDIBLE help – making sure everything with the ceremony was in-place and beautiful, everyone was in the right place – even down to small details like making sure everyone having the right corsage or boutonniere on their chest! Josh also did an amazing job managing the timelines, people and details at the reception alongside the Athenaeum event staff. Even just this past week I heard from the Athenaeum and they commented on how great Josh was to work with, and that he was just like one of them out there managing the event! Thanks, Josh, for all your help!!”

-Katie Barthelmas (2016 bride)

“I have known Josh for almost five years and in that time I’ve been lucky to see how driven he is to be successful. He is a wonderful individual who has a GREAT eye for decor, design and appearance. I worked with Josh for my wedding in June where he ran the day’s events and in the weeks prior to the event managed to keep me from pulling my hair out! Seriously, he saved my sanity! I’ve been working in the wedding industry since 2013 and most of the weddings we had photographed did not utilize a wedding planner – however, after working with one on a personal level, I’ve come to realize that wedding planners should be one of the first vendors brides hire. They save you time, energy, needless worrying and potentially some $ down the road. As a wedding photographer and as a recent bride, I will recommend Josh to all of my friends, family and clients!”

-Stephanie Parker (2015 bride)

“Thank you for making our day go so smoothly!! It was a perfect day!!”

-Shari Butcher (2014 bride)

“I wish you had begun your journey 9 years ago, I needed the most special person to help me plan our wedding and there would have been no one better or more qualified than YOU! When we go to renew our vows, you will be the one in charge!!! Hugs and prayers coming your way!!!!”

-Monica West

“There is no one more qualified to be in charge of your special day!”

-Amy McLaughlin (2014 bride)